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sonictastic's Journal

Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega)
23 June
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Character name: Sonic the Hedgehog

Version: (include the point in their canon from which they were taken) Sega, post-Unleashed

Personality: Sonic is often described as being adventurous and fun-loving, but can be short-tempered, stubborn, and cocky at times. He enjoys teasing Knuckles, because Knuckles just makes it too easy, but still considers Knuckles to be one of his close friends. While these things are true, Sonic is also a good person, a true hero at heart. He helps people, for the sake of helping them. He wouldn't turn his back on anyone in need. While he'll always help someone in need, because it's the right thing to do, it helps ease the boredom a supersonic speed demon like him is sure to experience through. That being said, while helping before is a good deterrent to boredom, it's not the only reason for his actions. He believes strongly in the ideal that you don't need a reason to help someone.

Sonic is willing to do anything to save his friends if they need him to (Amy, more often than anyone else, it seems). He fights Robotnik countless times to save the world from him and his destructive machines. In the same light, he'll even work with Robotnik, albeit hesitantly, to stop greater evils. While he knows he's a hero, he prefers to just be called "Sonic" rather than have titles associated with him.

He loves to run, and loves eating chili dogs. There aren't too many other things aside from those he would be doing, aside from saving the world.

Items: Just his shoes and his gloves!

History: Sonic's first appearance was in Sonic the Hedgehog 1. Not much is known about his past, or what he did before this point, at least not in this canon storyline. But since the beginning, Sonic's main goal has been to defeat Robotnik, and stop him from getting his hands on the Chaos Emeralds. As time goes on, Robotnik's plans got more and more intricate. Sometime after the first game, Sonic met Tails, and they became fast friends. Whereas Sonic had his speed, Tails had two tails, enabling him to fly.Sonic chased Robotnik up to his Death Egg, where he encountered a robot that looked just like him. After more fighting, Sonic escaped from the Death Egg, and flew down as Super Sonic, meeting up with Tails.

Sonic, as Super Sonic, lands on the wing of Tails' Tornado, and they head to the legendary Floating Island (Now called Angel Island), in search of Robotnik. Upon their arrival, Sonic is knocked over by a red echidna named Knuckles, who proceeds to take the Chaos Emeralds from Sonic, and runs away. As it turns out, Robotnik is once again behind this mess and tricked Knuckles into thinking that Sonic was after his Chaos Emeralds, which he actually planned on using to rebuild his Death Egg. Knuckles, believing Robotnik, constantly gets in Sonic's and Tails' way to try and stop them from getting any further. Naturally, it doesn't work. Sonic, once again, halts Robotnik's work on rebuilding the Death Egg, and it crashes, landing on the Lava Reef's volcano. The Chaos Emeralds are transported to the Hidden Palace and become Super Emeralds. Robotnik decides to go after Knuckles' Master Emerald. Once Knuckles realizes he's been tricked, he chooses to help Sonic and Tails. Sonic and Tails run into Metal Sonic and defeat him, and Sonic once again finds himself in the Death Egg, which they destroy. Robotnik escapes with the Master Emerald, but is easily defeated by Sonic and his use of the Super Emeralds to become Hyper Sonic.

Soon after this ordeal, Sonic learns that Robotnik is alive and now after the seven Time Stones on the Little Planet. Sonic goes to the Little Planet to try and stop Robotnik. To make matters worse, Robotnik has recreated a new and improved Metal Sonic, who has kidnapped a young female hedgehog named Amy Rose. So not only must Sonic get the Time Stones, but he also has to save Amy from Metal Sonic. And ever since then, Amy has been following Sonic, trying to get his attention.

Sonic seemingly disappears for quite a long time, as he can't bear to be in one place for too long without something to do, and is found relaxing in Station Square, a metropolitan-esque city. Once again, he reunites with Tails, after rescuing him from his crashed plane. They once again cross paths with Dr. Robotnik (who, at this point everyone refers to as Eggman) who unveils his new master plan. To use a water creature named Chaos from the past to demolish Station Square. The creature grows by absobing the power of the chaos Emeralds, and the legend says that with all 7 Emeralds, Chaos will become invincible. Once more, Sonic and Tails have to collect the Chaos Emeralds before Eggman does. They meet old friends along the way, including Knuckles and Amy (unfortunately for Sonic). Eventually, Eggman manages to get his hands on all 7 Emeralds. By using the positive power from the Emeralds, Sonic turns into Super Sonic and defeats Perfect Chaos, returning his to his original state. After that is all done, Sonic once again runs off (and leaves the clean up of Station Square to someone else, undoubtedly...)

The next time Sonic is spotted, it's back in Station Square. And he'd been arrested by the military, aka GUN, for apparently no reason. but as it turns out, there's a black hedgehog wreaking havoc, and everyone (for some reason) thinks it's Sonic. Sonic manages (with very little effort) to break free. He evades pursuit for a little while, but then runs into another hedgehog, much like himself. He realizes the military's mistake, and confronts the strange, learning that his name is Shadow. Shadow escapes and Sonic is immediatedly recaptured and thrown into a cell on Prison Island. Tails and Amy break him free. Soon after that, Sonic runs into Shadow again and they duke it out, but are interrupted when they hear that the island is about to explode. Sonic and Shadow part ways, and Sonic finds himself back in the city. Eventually, they sneak into Eggman's base, and fly up to the Space Colony ARK. Amy gets taken once more by Eggman, and once more, Sonic has to save her. Unfortunately for him, he's led into a trap and ejected into space. Eggman blows up the capsule Sonic's in, and everyone else believes him to be dead. But Sonic somehow manages to use Chaos Control, Shadow's signature move, to save himself. He tracks down Shadow again, and they have a race to the Eclipse Cannon. The Biolizard, the prototype of the Ultimate Lifeform, starts attacking, and Shadow shows up to help them, and then the Biolizard used Chaos Control and fuses with the ARK, intent on crashing it into Earth. Sonic and Shadow turn into their Super forms, and fight alongside each other to stop it, and succeed, but Shadow falls to the Earth, believed to be dead.

They return to Earth and from there have many other adventures (going after Metal Sonic once again, helping out Shadow and trying to get him to do good deeds, and becoming a Werehog but some freak accident on Eggman's ship) until the point in which Sonic investigates the disappearance of the Chaos Emeralds.

This is a roleplaying journal for station_square by hyper_amychao.
Sonic the Hedgehog belongs to SEGA.