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[Checks his spiffy new watch. 10 PM. He dials Rouge's number, hoping that it's right.]

Having to memorize phone numbers sucks...

[Waaaaaits for her to pick up]
Huh, wonder what was up with that news report about the Chemical Plant. I didn't even know that place was still... well... in business. Heh, shows how much I pay attention.

Anyway... Hey Amy? Uhh... What are you doing tomorrow night? Maybe we can get together, and... go on our little.... date... thing... And I can get my phone back.
Whoops! I kinda forgot about the other Sonic's birthday! My bad. I'm so not used to having another me to share a birthday with, I guess!

So, happy birthday a week ago, Sonic!

... That is so weird to say.
Well, another birthday come and gone! Even though I didn't really do anything, it was still a pretty fine day! No Eggman attacks, I didn't almost die... I'd say that's pretty good for me!

Tails had asked me if I was gonna do anything, but I said no. I had planned on taking a nice vacation somewhere, since I love vacations. And every hero needs to take a nice trip every once in a while... But I decided not to. Not yet. Though I am feeling kind of antsy. Hey Tails, let's take a vacation sometime soon!

Though it might be a good idea to skee-daddle on outta here before Knuckles decides to kill me for that party. Dunno why he would. He got to dance with Rouge!

Speaking of that, anyone notice how close they were dancing to each other? And here I thought they didn't like each other. Apparently, I was wrong!

Oh, and has anyone seen my phone? I think I dropped it at the party... I hope someone has it, I don't wanna have to go get another...
Yo, Rouge!

I gotta wicked awesome plan. But I need your help.

Whaddya say?
Sheeeeesh. Leave it to GUN to take forever in opening a place for the newcomers.

It's good that they did, though. At least people who don't have a place to stay will now. And if we get a bunch of newbies, they'll have somewhere to go!

Speaking of newcomers...

Hey, uh, Jules? How ya holdin' up around here? D'ya need anything? I'd be more than happy to help out!

And is it just me, or is it freakishly quiet around here?

That was crazy! But I'm back, and just as good as ever! As long as you ignore the scrapes and burns. I wish I could say the same about my phone though. Darn, and I just got that thing like, a month and a half ago. Sheesh. Talk about bad timing.

And yup, Eggman is around in all his eggheaded "glory". We had an interesting little visit. It was kinda exciting! But he doesn't have the Emeralds. So there's nothing there. I almost hoped he'd had at least one. But nope. Oh well, I guess we're back to square one.

Hope you guys didn't miss me too much while I was gone.

Oh! I almost forgot! Maria, how's your Chao? Since I kinda moved in, then disappeared, I didn't get to see if it had even hatched yet!

Guess I'm off to the electronic store to get a new phone...
[A lot of static comes through, and sounds of metal clinking. A few screeches of metal-on-metal here and there, but it's hard to tell through all the interference. Sonic's voice comes through, but is cutting out every few seconds.]

Heh.... It... Egg... And... robot.

Tough... expect--... but... should... piece... cake!...

[More sounds in the background]

May... longer... expected... Don--... --rry 'bout me!


[Something happens, and the phone is disconnected]

[ooc: Basically, Sonic's letting everyone know that he's still okay. The log is still incomplete, so I thought this was a good way for everyone to know that Sonic isn't dead or teleported XD]
Guys, I'm goin' to meet with Eggman. He says he has somethin' to show me, and I can only imagine what kinda thing he's come up with this time.

Hang tight, 'kay? I'll be back in a flash.

But if I'm gone longer than a day, can one of you check on Maria? I moved in with her to take care of her while Shadow's away, and Mighty's movin' in there too, so I think she'll be okay. But y'know.
... So anyone seen Shadow lately? Maria? Rouge? Omega?


I hope... he didn't get, y'know... teleported. But, if he did... I dunno. We can hope for the best! I mean, I made it back after just a few days, so Shadow will be back soon! I just know he will!

But still. Maria, I'll come over and take care of you while he's gone, okay? Since you can't pay for things, much less an entire apartment. And I'd worry about leaving you all alone...

[ooc: With Lauren leaving, and us being Shadow-less, I'm just assuming that Shadow was pulled through a portal.